Animal Encounters in Year 3

 Workshop Recount: By Sharon 3R and Ariton 3S

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On Tuesday 24th May Aled and Shona came to Woodcroft to do an animal workshop for year 3. We saw many animals in the morning and afternoon: including a bearcat called Biscuit, a meerkat called Mika, and a thick, black millipede.

Aled and Shona came from a company called A&S Animal Encounters, and taught us about the animals they brought with them. For instance 3R saw a kookaburra and got to hold the bird while wearing a big leather glove. Mr Patel and Mr Tallon took lots of photos of us with the animals, we even got a photo stroking a six foot lizard. One of our favourite moments was when we got to hold the kookaburra because it laughed at us. Also, we enjoyed it when the bearcat ran on our laps because he sniffed our pockets. At the end of the workshop we gave Aled and Shona a card we made saying thank you for bringing different animals to the school. Finally at the end of the day our parents got to see the bearcat and take photos of it with us.   

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