Level Up! Year 6 Leavers’ Show

Level Up! The 2018 Year 6 Leavers Show

Level Up! was the title of this year’s Y6 Show, and on Thursday night, to a packed audience of family and friends, they staged an outstanding leavers production.

In the story, a group of video game obsessed children were transported inside their console and had to overcome a series of challenges to escape. Full of song, dance and humour, the show captured all of our Y6’s talents. They also learnt some important messages along the way!

Well done to the pupils and staff for entertaining us so creatively. Special mention must go to Mr Guest and Miss Maynard who wrote this year’s production, not forgetting Mr Huckerby, who composed and recorded the original songs along with Mr Guest. We also need to recognise the hard work, and commitment, of all of our staff and pupils for bringing these wonderful productions to life. Mrs Ditchman and Mrs Medjhi worked tirelessly on costume and props. Well done to Charlie and Zaheer, our Y6 technical crew, for flawless light and sound effects.

Good luck to you all at high school!