Ofsted Report – Woodcroft is a good school!

Woodcroft continues to be GOOD!

We are pleased to bring to your attention our excellent Ofsted report published on 15th January 2019. To read the full report click here.

These are some extracts from the report …

Woodcroft Primary School is a unique place to learn’

‘The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education’

‘Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of the school’

‘Children are safe and well cared for, including in teaching pupils how to keep safe using online technology’

‘Pupils behaved well and demonstrated positive attitudes to their learning’

‘Staff are approachable and adults deal with any issues swiftly’

‘Governors have a broad range of skills, a good understanding of the school’s priorities, and commitment shown by their regular visits’

‘Safeguarding procedures are fit for purpose, checks are thorough, and training reflects the latest statutory guidance’

‘The school works well with external agencies to provide families and pupils with wide-ranging support’

‘The school has encouraged participation in dance, music and sports (and) pupils take part in a range of extra-curricular clubs’

The inspector also identified some next steps to help us improve further. He suggested that we should…

  • Continue to improve reading by developing pupils’ inference skills and having a focus on developing boys’ fluency
  • Ensure expectations for writing are consistently high and further develop pupil vocabulary